Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Professor Bubbleworks unifies dark matter and alternate realities

The end of the Professor Bubbleworks ride at Chessington (don't ask me why I was there - I am a kid at heart) has streams of water arcs that pass above your head. Those arcs are periodically lit by strobe lighting, effectively freezing and focussing your attention on a particular water drop's trajectory.

This got me thinking about time and alternative realities. There is a common thought that all possibilities are playing out all of the time (let's conveniently ignore what that might mean for conservation of energy and the bounded/unbounded universe); but why do we only experience a single reality (i.e. why haven't I won the lottery yet?). Could it be that each reality is like one of those water droplets, but the collapsing of the wave function (I can't remember what that actually means ;-) ) is like the strobe or a filter on our reality? If that was the case, could we alter the filter or frequency of the "reality strobe" to "light up" alternate realities?

What's this got to do with dark matter? Well, there's an awful lot of it... and we don't know what it is and we can't "light it up" to look at it... but could the dark matter actually be our alternate realities playing out?!


At Tuesday, 5 February 2008 at 11:36:00 GMT, Blogger Paul Winch said...

For a start, time is not immutable and seems to have wrinkles. My wife and I have experienced two time shifts: one, two years or more back (time imprecise), and one, two weeks forward (time very precise). These were associated with "funny feelings". Other things, too. "It makes yer fink".

At Sunday, 23 March 2008 at 21:21:00 GMT, Blogger Mike said...

There's no such thing as time..... time is merely
perceived because of the change of position of
particles (waves/energy)in space.

If we had recorded the positions of all the particles
in the universe in say 1964 when the beatles were
around, wound the universes particles back to where
they were then, voila u wud be in that wondrous
decade. Time travel does not involve time.

To achieve this type of time travel, you need to
contact your mates, the ones overseeing the game and
ask them to rewind the holographic projector to the
time you require and you'll buy them a pint when you
get up there.


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